G.H.G3 Vape Pen KIT 3in1-Hash Dry Herb & Concentrates


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The G.H.G3 pen comes with ‘Dual Heating’ system optimized for dry herbs and oil pods. It offers the flexibility to control desired draw. The ‘Exposed heating’ system is optimized for the HASH oven. It will burn hash evenly and minimize the waste. SWITCHABLE SYSTEM Innovative vaporizer that allows for instant switching between ovens. POWER CLEANING is Made Easy. Sometimes water isn’t enough. Detachable ovens allow for soaking completely in alcohol to better dissolve residue and remove odors. POWER Take Charge of Your Session We understand how frustrating it can be when a vaporizer runs out of battery quickly. A single charge provides up to 14 sessions. PORTABILITY All in Your Pocket Lighter than 0.1 pounds. The compact and lightweight. In the Box: 1 X Battery 1 X Mouthpiece 1 x Dry Herb oven 1 x Hash oven 1 x Charging cable (type-C) 1 x Cleaning brush 1 x Packing tool 1 X Manual. Concentrate Ovens sold separately (Wax/Shatter oven & pre-filled Oil oven)

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