Dad Hash – The Barb Live Rosin Coin – 1g


Species : SATIVA
Brand : Dad Hash
THC : 70.1 %
CBD : 2.3 %
Terpene :

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This live rosin begins with “Barbara Bud”, a strain of cannabis grown outdoors by Great Gardener Farms in the sun-drenched Cowichan valley of Canada’s west coast. The Barb is delivered to us exclusively, fresh-frozen from the field. This allows us to capture the complete, live essence of the plant. Our water extraction process ensures that its spectrum remains intact as it’s pressed into live rosin. Thanks to the craftsmanship of our skilled hash artisans, our Barb Rosin Coin is a translucent amber, an all-natural concentrate with maximum terpene preservation of 11%. Extremely stable, pliable and easy to handle, flavour and potency are preserved in each coin. With its citrus, berry and floral notes, Barb Rosin Coin offers a fruity, full-bodied smoke with a smooth finish.

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