Verse Concentrates – Guava x BC Blueberry Live Sugar Diamonds – 1g


Species : INDICA
Brand : Verse Concentrates
THC : 72.33 %
CBD : 0.13 %
Terpene :

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Meet Live Sugar Diamonds by Verse Concentrates – our premium line of Live extracts focusing on translating the essence of the living plant into the extract itself. This extract is produced through ultra-cold hydrocarbon extraction techniques using fresh-frozen Guava x BC Blueberry buds. Extract artisans transform the product into having a shimmering, jelly-like consistency comprised of a whipped terpene syrup and granular sugar crystals. Our carefully executed method of flash freezing fresh buds locks in and preserves the delicate and volatile flavour compounds of the strain: Guava x BC Blueberry, a premium strain by Dinafem Seeds, proudly grown in the heart of the Okanagan Valley, BC. This strain has been carefully selected for qualities that reflect Verse; tropical fruits, citrus, and blueberries with gassy and pine undertones, produced by lead terpenes: limonene, α-humulene, guaiol, nerolidol and myrcene. It comes in a premium glass container for freshness. Verse: write the future.

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