Qwest – Banana OG – 3.5g


Species : HYBRID
Brand : Qwest
THC : 24.12 %
CBD : 0.05 %
Terpene :

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Qwest was born from a deep appreciation for the plant and its process. We are here for the journey every grower undertakes with each new harvest, and we respect that even with the most familiar cultivars there’s always opportunity to go beyond the ordinary. A lineage of giants – a bit Kush, part Haze and traces of Skunk – Banana OG is not your average loaf. Subtle notes of sweet melon and under-ripe banana on the nose, but upon taste the classic sweet earth and dank hash flavour comes through, courtesy of its OG Kush heritage. Banana OG is pungent as it is potent, and like its lineage suggests, is a cultivar for those lovers of old school, legacy genetics.

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