Original Stash – OS.ONE Garlic Jelly Pre-Rolls – 12×0.6g


Species : INDICA
Brand : Original Stash
THC : 19.14 %
CBD : 0.1 %
Terpene :

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Featuring sought-after strains, OS.ONE is a large, one-ounce bag of great quality weed from Original Stash. All OS.ONE strains are grown with care in our hybrid greenhouse, preferring natural controls and sunlight. Garlic Jelly, aka JMO, is a modern indica-dominant cross, containing impressive lineage from its parents Jelly Breath (OG Kush Breath, thought to be a descendent from GSC) and GMO (another GSC line crossed with Chemdog). For those not in the know, those respected genetics inspire a sticky sweet and sharp spicy aroma.

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